Welcome to the Arduino Eclipse usage page

This page contains Detailed instructions on how to use the plugin once installed and configured.
A serial monitor video also demonstrating standard functionality
Creation of a sketch
Importing a library
aGuegu wrote a blog on how to create a library in eclipse.

Creation of a Arduino sketch

You can create a new eclipse project of the type arduino sketch at any time with the plugin
Do file -> new -> project Select the Arduino sketch and then next

Provide a name for the sketch and press next (note that in the image below the finish is enabled because I already created a sketch)

Provide the Arduino information and select finish (note that all this information will be stored so you will not need to reenter when you create a new sketch for the same board)
before 1.3 board settings
from Version 1.3 when you have multiple hardwares the screen will look a bit different. See below for an example.
with 1.3 or later with multiple hardwares board settings
Now the plugin will create 2 projects. one for the Arduino library and one for the sketch. The image below holds more projects but the new ones are highlighted.

Normally you will not open the arduino_atmegaXXX project directly yourself. You will edit the project you created. In the image above I opened the my sketch.cpp file by double clicking on it. Pressing the hammer (marked in the image above) will compile the project. Pressing the AVR button (marked above) will upload the project to your Arduino board. When modifying the file later on do not delete the #include directive at the top of the file. If you do the arduino language will not be known to your sketch.

Changing Arduino target board or com port

To change the board or com port right click on the project and select properties you get the same dialog box where you can change the board and com port.

After you pressed finish you get a new Arduino core project for the mcu if needed.

Importing a library

select file->import or right click the project and select import.
Select the Arduino->'Import a arduino library in the current project' if you want to import from the Arduino libraries or your private libraries
Select the Arduino->'Import a folder containing source code in the current project' if you want to import a library from a different location

if you have selected 'Import a folder containing source code in the current project' select the folder you want to import and the project you want to import to and select finish

if you have selected 'Import a folder containing source code in the current project' select the libraries you want to import.

Then confirm the project you want to import to.
Note that the library selection window does not show the already imported libraries. If you select the same library again it will result in an error. See below for an example.